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A term passed off as thought leadership by bottom rung B2B software executives in order to sell vaporware to gullible buyers. It is often used alongside other overused or outdated buzz terms like cloud, IoT, smart sensors, 3D printing, AI, machine learning, big data, and mobile. It helps disguise the fact that the company doesn’t know or care about what its customers need, and are incapable of developing offerings that are new, innovative, differentiated, or even of minimal value.
We understand the market pressures you’re facing and that’s why we’re re-imagining the solutions you’re going to need to fuel your next stage of growth, and are committed to partnering with you along your journey and delivering best-in-class solutions that support your digital transformation strategy across the value chain.
by Pavlovian Bell October 30, 2018
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A word used by sales people with limited knowledge of technology to define the movement from an older type of technology to something newer, sparkly and expensive but not necessarily better.
Do you want help with digital transformation of your current set-up to the cloud, all it takes is money, poor project management, staff re-training and if you are lucky, you might have something that is less secure, a pain to administer and at best as awful as what you had before but on someone else's computer
by Utterly Delightful March 27, 2018
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