Anything that may influence circumstances so that one may continue in one's current employment, regardless whether the job actually needs to be performed.
by Downstrike May 21, 2004
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An excuse that douchebags use when they make a mess after a janitor or custodian has just cleaned something up. The logic behind it is that the cleaner has nothing better to do with their life, so if you don't make a mess, they will have nothing to do and will lose their job.
He just mopped the floor. Quit hacking loogies all over the place.
I know he mopped it. Job security.
by therealGodWarrior July 20, 2012
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Guaranteeing yourself secure employment by performing fellatio on the boss.
She'll never get fired, she has blow job security.
by Belkster December 07, 2015
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