In Gaming: (verb) to farm; to stay in one specific place in order to aquire more of a certain item or money. On certain games it can be said to "farm honor."
Player 1 "I need to go to the the other zone to farm primals for my weapon, see you later!"

Player 1 "Man this kid has been here killing other players for hours. He must really need to farm honor!"
by roxyhrt March 22, 2007
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to camp in and area in a video game with the aim of collecting large amounts of gold or items
I farmed the map for five hours and made 540k gp
by Thomas Gray May 25, 2006
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(verb) to farm ~ to plough the land and sow the seed
by plank February 6, 2012
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The other "f-word". A word used by young girls instead of fuck so they won't get in trouble.
"Like, that song was farming awesome!"
"Farm off dude!"
by GernB May 12, 2008
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A term used in certain games when a person continuously steals another's resources.
**Warcraft III**
A: You should really build some defense, I'm farming experience off your guys.

**In WC3, exp can be gained by killing enemy units**
by toxicity June 20, 2005
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A place where a bunch of animals are together that is not a zoo.
And from that day forward any time a bunch of animals are together in one place it's called a 'zoo'! …Unless it's a farm!
by argv minus one February 12, 2012
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Verb: The act of introducing people in the hopes of a successful hook up; matchmaking.
Dude 1: You totally scored with that awesome chick last did you roll it?
Dude 2: She wasn't even looking at me, then Ray farmed her to me and she was 'bout it all night.
by Raw Dog Diaz September 28, 2005
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