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Afghanistan is a mosaic of ethnic groups and cultures and a crossroads between east and west. An ancient land that has often been plundered and also been a focal point of trade, Afghanistan has seen numerous invaders come and go including Aryans, Persians, Greeks, Arabs, and Turks, though it is important to note that the original Aryan tribes of central Asia resided in the area which is mostly Afghanistan and Iran. Afghanistan, in its current form was formed following the Anglo-Afghan wars that culminated in Afghanistan's complete independence from foreign intervention in 1919.

Afghans display pride in their country, ancestry, military prowess, and above all, their independence. Like other highlanders, Afghans are regarded with mingled apprehension and condescension, for their high regard for personal honor, for their clan loyalty and for their readiness to carry and use arms to settle disputes.

Some points to remember:
Afghanistan means land of the Afghans.
The people are AFGHAN (single), AFGHANs (plural).
the currency is AFGHANI.
Afghans speak Parsi (Dari) and Pashto.
I went to Afghanistan last year.
Afghans are warriors.
I spent 2 Afghanis yesterday.
I am Afghan.
Are you Afghan?
by faiq abidy May 09, 2006
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1. A Super-Power Graveyard.

a Replubic that defeated Alexander the Great, Genghis Kahn , other mongols , British Empire , Soviets (USSR).

2. It Used to be known as ARIANA or Aryana (Land ofthe Arians or Aryans).

3. The strongest country in Central Asia.

4. The "stan" part of afghanistan means Land and the Afghan part is the name of the name of the people who lived there.

So Afghanistan in English means " Afghanland".

5. the people are called AFGHAN(s) and NOT AFGHANI(s).

6. the name of there money or currency is called Afghani(s).
Don't make me afghanistan your ass!

If you got an afghan on your side consider yourself lucky.
by jose321 August 02, 2005
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1. Afghanistan = Afghanland in english
2. The People are called Afghan(s)
3. Population around 30 million (2005)
4. Afghanistan's money is called Afgani(s)
5. Located in Central Asia
6. This country is also refer to as THE SUPER-POWERS' GRAVEYARD. since alot of the worlds super powers were defeated there.

7. The only country in Asia to stick up for them selves.
guy1: hey how much afghanis do you have?

guy2: Sorry guy! i'm broke , i ain't got no cash on me.

guy1: Them afghans are tough?right!

guy2: yeah! Did you see how they kicked
communist ASS!
by janetgurl August 03, 2005
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A colonial algomation of Pashto-Persian, Turkic, and Mongol ethnic groups into one great buffer state durring the "Great Game" for influence between Britain (British India) and Imperial Russia durring the nineteenth century. Afghans are warriors if nothing else, they were the only actual resistance to the Mongol hordes, out-lasting Persian armies from the west and scaring off the British and Russians (later demolishing the Soviets).

Before the Soviet invasion, Afghanistan was a stop-over on the great Asian back-packing trails, from Istanbul to Katmandhu or Bangkok. It was known for fascinating music, awsome food, and even better hashish. How things change.

After the Soviet invasion, the great powers used Afghanistan as a much-larger version of Lebanon: to fight an international war using third party proxies. The Mujahhadddin were the fighting for America with Chinese-supplied weapons and based out of Pakistan, while the Soviets rained down hell from their jets flying out of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Every major power armed someone basically.

Today, Afghanistan is at the center of a corporate power-play to set up for a new century of Central Asian gas from the Caspian basin, evident in the selection of a former Unical employee (Mohammed Karzai) as "President". Taliban elements remain in the mountains, but Bin Laden's long gone.

Also a song by Farhad Darya.
Afghanistan's such a cool place, too bad the country fell to hell.
by tuma January 14, 2006
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A beautiful country in the heart of Asia. It has long history of over 5000 years. (short history at The location of Afghanistan spanning the land routes between the Indian subcontinent, Iran, and central Asia has attracted conquerors throughout history. Its high mountains helped the afghans to defend the country successfully against invaders, though. Afghan territory were vast during different afghan empires, for example during the Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznawi Empire in 11th century or during the Durrani Empire in 18th century which extended from Arabian Sea to Persia and India. Afghanistan has fought three wars against Britain which were in control of India. The 1st Anglo-Afghan War took place in 1839-42, the second one in 1878-80 and the final one in 1919. All three times British forces suffered crushing defeats and great casualty. Afghanistan also lost vast parts, for example, Pashtunistan and Baluchistan were cut off by Britain who wanted to use them as a buffer zone for a 100 years (already expired) but they were never given back instead Britain created another country from these two parts and another two parts cut off from India and called it Pakistan.
In 1978 the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan which were defeated. It left Afghanistan after great distraction and loss of lives. There were two millions Afghans killed and as many disabled. The infrastructure were at ruins. Afterward a civil war raged for 10 more years Afghanistan were forgotten, it was of no use for the West. Meanwhile, the two neighbouring countries of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan, armed and supported different warring factions who fought over power and destroyed the remaining. There was yet to come another disaster: The Taleban. Armed, trained and supported by Pakistani Intelligence. Their rule lasted 5 years and were overthrown by American and Afghan Forces. An interim government headed by Mr. Karzai took charge. Subsequently, there was a democratic election and Mr. Karzai was elected as the president. Since then Afghanistan has made a lot of progress in every field.
Afghanistan is a country that is really interested in peace and progress but circumstances and the interference of its neighbouring countries who are very keen to have a weak and unstable country by their sides (because of territorial, ethnic, religious etc. interests) never gave Afghanistan the chance to become prosperous.
Afghanistan is a truly beautiful country with breathtaking sceneries: high and snow covered mountains, deep canyons, nice grasslands, a lot of historical sites, delicious food, mellow fruits, warm-hearted and courageous people… ( nice sceneries from Afghanistan).
I think it is very unfair to forget all the sacrifices that Afghans have given in war against the Communism in the 80`s. Afghanistan deserves a greater respect. This beautiful country in the heart of Asia!
1.Afghanistan is a mountainous country.
2.Many ancient cities like Balkh, Ghazni, Herat, Ghor were the center of civilizations, trade and culture.
by peace 1 May 23, 2005
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Country in Central or South- West Asia that is inhabited by Afghans. Persian and Pashto are the two most widely spoken languages of Afghanistan, but Persian seems to serve as the lingua franca.

Most Afghans belong to the Iranic people like for example Pashtuns and Tajiks but there are also many Turkic and Mongolian Afghans(Hazara) living in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is an islamic country. About 80% are sunni muslims, while the rest belong to the shia sect.

Other names for Afghanistan are : Khorasan, Aryana or Pashtunistan.
Hey, do you know that the once so beautiful Afghanistan has been experiencing useless bloody wars for like the past 30 years now? Oh no, that is such a shame. I hope Afghanistan will find peace soon!
by msih April 08, 2014
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