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A 1.4 billion dollar industry in which American couples buy a baby from a third world country for $10,000 to $50,000 USD. There is a strong correlation between the price of the baby and the race of the baby.

During the selection process, every attempt is made to purchase a non-defective human.

Significant portions of the transaction wind up lining the pockets of corrupt third world government officials and shady the non-profit orgagizations involved in connecting the buyers of babies with the sellers of babies.
Angelina Jolie recently paid a lot of money in a shady Tijuana adoption transaction and she wound up getting ripped off.
by Stork Vangutenberg February 20, 2008
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A less painful, more humane alternative to abortion (for the baby, that is). Recent studies show that abortion actually IS painful to the fetus being aborted. Therefore, in order to avoid having a baby, one should do one of the following:

1. Let yourself give birth to the baby, then simply put it up for adoption.

2. Make it easy for yourself simply by not fucking your boyfriend until you're ready to support a child and have a new husband. 10/1 chances your so-called "lover" will want nothing to do with you after he finds out the news.
Rachael may have been dumb enough to fuck that asswipe, but at least she's giving her unwanted baby a chance by putting it up for adoption instead of aborting.
by ScYtH August 17, 2004
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adoption is the practice of one family raising a child born to another family. All parties in the "adoption triad" -- the three groups consisting of the birth parent(s), adoptive parent(s) and adoptee -- are grieving in some way. The baby or young child who is adopted grieves for the loss of their biologic family, and this feeling of isolation and loss can be life-lone, no matter how loving the adoptive family is. The birth parents grieve for the child they gave up (willingly or unwillingly). And the adoptive parents grieve (often for years) over being unable to have children "of their own" before they adopt -- or they think they are "saving" a child from an awful life, and can be quite disappointed if the adopted child is not perfect. visit for more on all sides of the adoption question.
Adoption builds families while at the same time destroying them.
by reddogdallas January 27, 2005
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taking a familyless child into one's home and family, to care for it as one's own.
A lot of anti-choicers think that people should opt for adoption rather than abortion, but how many of those up-for-adoption children have the pro-lifers adopted? The problem with adoption is that thanks to 'great' innovations such as IVF and other means of forcing the body to become pregnant when it clearly thinks that it is a bad idea (i.e., harmful recessive genes, repeated miscarriages, etc.), people no longer have to resort to adoption to get the child they so badly want since they'd rather have a child of their own. Out of those few who do adopt, they usually only adopt healthy newborn babies, while handicapped and older children must grow up without families. There are far more children who are up for adoption than who are being adopted... sad but true.
by Child Hatter May 27, 2003
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a term used to describe a process where a child in unable to be cared for by the birth parents and is adopted into a foster family. The birth parents are not allowed contact with the child until he/she turns 18.
Adoption can have major affects on the child such as depression and withdrawl syptoms.
the 17 year old teenager put her baby up for adoption because she felt she couldn't provide the child with a normal family life.

The child was put up for adoption because the parents were incapable of looking after him/her
by {Emma} = me May 08, 2007
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The act of giving up one's child to ensure betterment of the next generation.
My pseudo grandpa Mel was adopted.
adoption stories
by PineappleJuice February 24, 2015
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