what people say when they get annoyed with someone.
when a chlid or adult that once was a child has no parents or was given up for adoption.
1 "no one loves you james.... youre adopted"
2 "i feel so bad for amanda shes adopted"
by Haliee <3 April 01, 2007
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Hilarious insult used to embarass, humiliate, or emotionally destroy a jackass.
by Aly Boss Ginnetti January 25, 2009
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A orphan who was raised in a non-biological family

Most adopted kids tend to come from third-world countries and picked by pasty white parents who own yachts and private jets. You can easily tell someone is adopted because they naturally reject common stereotypes of their foreign race and are abnormal in general.
i.e. A swole southeast Asian boy with Rolex and dumb haircut.
Adopted kids tend to not do well in school or have bad social skills despite how they garner popularity in some cases. This is due to their 1% rich skim milk parents raising them with too much love until the kid becomes spoiled milk. Somehow, these kids survive in real life because of how well off they are: having parents back their asses up.
Not all adopted kids are rich. Some can be poor and abused by their parents. However, adoption services aren’t evil as bureaucrats, so poor adopted kids are extremely rare
Me: How does that Asian kid get bad grades?
Friend: Dude, he’s adopted...
Me: No wonder he’s a cringy hypebeast!
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by Not Adopted February 13, 2018
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Tom taylor has a couple of "parents" one a whore and one impotent lol might aswell get some real parents!!
bob and v bought taylor for 50p
by Thomas Johnson June 06, 2003
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The “insult” that makes no sense! If anything, it should make the receiver feel better about themselves! People are put up for adoption because their parents are losers, or just can’t take care of them, so they get adopted by people that love them! And hey, if you’re still able to get in touch with your family, and they LOVE you, you’re lucky!
Blake: You’re Adopted, Elliot you Emo pussy!
Emo Elliot: *realizes* Awwwww, my family does love me!
by Fagimus February 26, 2021
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