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A holding pen designed to keep preteens away from the rest of the world.
By keeping these kids in Junior High were keepin them from terrorizing the emlentary school kids, and saving them from the beatings of high schoolers they so richly deserve.
by Jake March 27, 2005
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Where the worms feast on the flesh of of the already matured. Junior High is the three year stage of life between being a child and being a teenager. During this period, individuals will feast on pop culture, forming cliques and making friends that will last a lifetime. The majority of those who attend junior high, commonly known as preps, are very immature, and leave emotional scars on the remaining individuals. Somehow, after the three years have passed, these immature individuals will have changed magically into likeable and mature human beings.
Prep: Middle School was the best time of my life! I wish I could go back!

The Rest of Us: You'll have to drag me through Hell and back again before I go back there.
by Antimony June 29, 2005
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the lowest form of human existance. boys tend to be odourous and greasy haired due to puperty and girls are developing boobs and cliques that include the 'hot' guys you are not one of. The ethics employed by individuals in this time are not only cheap and unfair but also life-crushingly depressing
that is some junior high bullshit

its like junior high all over again
by J.Servo November 28, 2004
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A generation whose boys get ridiculously shorter and whose girls get ridiculously sluttier each year.
I remember a time when the junior high boys used to be taller than 4 feet and when the girls actually fought back or ran away when they got raped.
by Pat, from Rick February 13, 2008
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a place where kids CANNOT keep a boyfriend or girlfriend for more than two weeks. a place meant for learning but is mostly used for social and other purposes. usually for kids in 7th and 8th grade often ages range from 13-15, but there are a lot of people out there that are 35 and are still in jr. high. and still havent had a mate for over two weeks
boy 1 he buddy look I'm in jr hiiiiiiiiii
boy 2 hahahaha u sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeaked
boy 1 hahaha u squeeeeeeeeaked too
both together sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak
by I fuck dumb bitches May 11, 2005
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What the West Coast (united states) calls "middle school". Junior High ranges from Grade 6 thru. 8 ; In the east coast, middle school range from grade 7 thru. 8.
Seattleite: "I've matriculated to Junior High this year"

Northern Virginian: "Oh, you meant to say, Middle school?"

Seattleite: "NO! Junior High is the better term!"
by This Rat from Yorkshire March 02, 2019
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