After i paid his mom, i said "adios" becuase it was the only nice thing to do after i, you know, stained the sheets
by steve September 18, 2004
Akronym for:
"si adios"
by notMaz April 27, 2021
Adio is a brand of skate shoe. They have high performance, and they kick ass!
my Adio shoes are killer.
by Liar July 16, 2004
These tight azz shoes that rock hard!
by Rae January 16, 2005
Look at that maggot over there, he dont know what adios means! Big DEAD madhine
by ⚡⚡avage February 18, 2020
1. A disgruntled midget/dwarf who takes out his frustrations on homosexuals and small animals by raping them.
That fucking Adio banged my DAD!
by Bob May 19, 2003
its actually a greek/latin im not sure word that means with god
adio means with god like necro means dead
by mu moo January 18, 2005