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Request Time Out. The response a computer configured for DHCP gets when it can't receive an IP address from the default gateway or a failed response from a ping attempt to a specific network destination.
Johnny kept getting RTO when he tried to ping
by zhyxer April 03, 2009
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Short for "Radio Telephone Operator"

"RTO" is a military term for a radio operator or a radioman, usally the guy with the manpack PRC-77 or PRC-117 radio on thier back, with large antenna and telephone headset microphone.
"Johnson! get the RTO over here and tell HQ they've got RPGs!
by IrishRepublicanArmy November 07, 2003
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(Rejected Take Off) - Failing to obtain an erection of significant strength to penetrate the relevant oriface.
I tell you what Stan, next time I'm onto a promise of doing the wife up the arse, I'll need to limit myself to 10 pints of Stella beforehand. I nearly had an RTO.
by John Kebab September 13, 2010
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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer. A device used for VOC emissions control in a manufacturing facility. An RTO consists of two or more heat exchangers connected by a common combustion chamber or zone. The heat exchangers consist of beds filled with media that will allow air to pass while serving as a mass to store heat. The VOC laden air stream enters the first heat exchange bed and passes directly through the media where it is preheated en route to the combustion chamber. Here a burner adds any heat necessary to reach optimum combustion temperature and complete the oxidization process. The now clean air stream next enters a second heat exchange bed. It passes directly through the media where the stream is cooled while heating the media before being exhausted to atmosphere. The flow through the heat exchange beds is reversed at regular intervals to conserve the heat of combustion within the RTO. Depending on the application, up to 95% of the heat combustion can be recovered and recycled representing a huge fuel savings. Regenerative Thermal Oxidation of VOC’s and other air pollutants works by a simple reaction of the harmful air pollutants with oxygen and heat. In this environment the VOC’s are converted to CO2, water vapor (H2O) and usable heat.
To comply with EPA regulations, the plant had to install an RTO at the end of their process.
by Wiseman July 11, 2006
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Reading To Owls.

It's when you have nothing better to do with your day so you decide to go read to an owl (they're the smartest of all the birds, except the afty but you can rarely find one of those.
I'm bored im going to do RTO.
by Elbonio October 11, 2005
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RESTORE THE ORDER - also known at #RTO - means to take back a title, things will be as they should be after some specific event, etc.
We haven't won the State Football title for two years... time to RTO!! We will win this year!!
by abcblackoutsquad June 17, 2018
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