(For girls), a typical facebook pic would consist of them wearing a backwards hat, their arms around someone else's shoulders, lipsed pursed and making an upside down peace sign.
her facebook picture was uninspiring.
by andeeeee August 4, 2006
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The typical picture for a new college student, who was a loser in high school, is of them with a beer in their hand. They think they are now cool because they drink beer (they would have in high school, but no one would let them come to their parties).
Look at Jeff. What a fuckin loser that guy was in high school, and now, because his Facebook picture is of himself with a beer in hand, he thinks he's cool. SIKE.
by Anakin Vader September 19, 2010
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A picture generally posted by a middle age woman. Usually it will have at least 5 different fonts, a character sticker, a religious undertone (or very obvious overtone), maybe a pun, and usually old out of date memes.
"I can't believe your aunt posted that! It's such a Facebook picture!"
"Yeah, the three different fonts and the picture of snoopy really tie it together."
by Mocah May 22, 2021
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