Ashely is a wonderful female with a talent, brains, and beauty. She has a crazy sense of humor and an awesome body, like a goddess . She has popularity and everybody would like to go with her to prom- girl or boy. Friendly and cool, the perfect girlfriend you would want. A cute, pretty, gorgeous, funny, hot, sweet, romantic, smart, loyal and OH SO MUCH MORE.

She's so perfect that when you see her, people are treating her like a queen. Or a princess. She has a strong sense of justice and even animals and men are drawn to her.

A cool BFF, she'll help you and a extremely kind and compassionate person who is a great friend and cares about other people. A true friend who always makes you cheer up.
She's the kind of girl who still manages to find a way to smile, love life and music. The type of girl when she smiles like nothing happens and acts like she's fine, inside she's a wreck. She can withstand many things and never gives up.

Always positive, and works hard. Not a slut, and the type of girl that eats like a whale but never gains weight.

But watch out, she can beat you up if you mess with her or her friends. But she's a great singer.

But she has secrets like: She could beat you at Halo 4 when she's a beginner.
Applies to some people only.
Hey, your awesome. Like an Ashely. -Luka
OMG, I'm not that nice!! - In head- ( OMG OMG OMG OMG! My crush said I'm an Ashely! That's SOO nice) - Lily

Dude! That girl is an Ashely!
Look! Dayummm.
by Ms. Alyssa Eliza Slanyert March 28, 2013
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Most wonderful girl amazing eyes that you can't stop looking at most gorgeous smile ever most likely has a big ass she has an amazing personalty and if you get the chance to be with her don't take it for granted because she could definitely do better than you
Ashely looks gorgeous like always
by anyonmous344 March 14, 2017
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An intelligent person with a range of vocabulary that you can't surpass.
"Did you see me win that spelling bee? I'm such an Ashely"

"Omg my sister has a vocabulary range better than me, and I'm in university! She's such an Ashely"
by Bishesbcrazy April 20, 2018
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A girl with no identity, she will have curly hair, she will appear friendly and be very pretty.. but she will be mean to you upon your first encounter.. eventually she will soften her heart, though, and she will show you the very amazing, intelligent, cool personality she has stored inside.
"Wow that girl is such a tsundere... she must be an Ashely."
by meerkitkat September 12, 2019
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kid:gramps what do you with gramma when you're bored
gramps: ashes to ashes kiddo
by everybodyloveschris July 17, 2018
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1. A popular David Bowie song
2. A television show. It is the sequel to Life On Mars. It is set in 1980s London and stars Philip Glenister as Gene Hunt and Keeley Hawes as Alex Drake. It is shown on Thursday, 9PM, BBC1
1. "I've just listened to Ashes To Ashes for the 100th time. It's such a great song."
2. "Are you going to watch Ashes To Ashes this Thursday night at 9pm on BBC1?"
by Blythe103 February 9, 2008
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