1) A musical instrument that is not electric
2) A musical performance that uses no electric instruments (aside from microphones and similar amplification)
1) Jimi Hendrix played an electric guitar on the song "Purple Haze", but Paul Simon played an acoustic guitar on Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson". Techno and dance music uses electric drums, but rock music typically sticks to acoustic drums.

2) Eric Clapton's band did an acoustic show on "Mtv Unplugged".
by Bill M. August 28, 2004
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Autistically attracted to music
person: *enjoying bad music*
some guy: YoU'rE aCoUsTiC
person: 00F
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callin somebody stupid or dumb; when somebody dont make sense
nigga u deadass acoustic
by deadass moe December 30, 2017
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acoustic means loved and cared by all forms of life and also by Jesters.
King: How are you today my Queen.
Queen: I feel acoustic as if I am one with nature.
by Administaratorororor November 11, 2019
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Real, not artificial; technologically and stylistically simple, like acoustic vs. electric guitar music.
This hand-made wood furniture is really acoustic.
by octopod November 12, 2003
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A mispronunciation of "autistic", however it is not synonymous with autistic. It is normally used when someone says/does something ridiculously stupid or ignorant.
"¿Como se dice 'how do you say' en español?"
"Are you acoustic?"
by Medium Salsa December 12, 2016
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