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Jesters is a renowned "night club" in southampton, uk, and is widely known by other universities.
The pleasure of jesters is in its cheap drinks (50p pints on a monday) and it lovely smell of vomit, sweat and other bodily fluids. There is cheesey music pouring out of its doors and hoards of people in fancy dress. But that doesn't put students off, in fact in encourages the onesie clad crowd, as it is a must for anyone in southampton, often with queues all the way to chicoland!
I fancy a good night out lets go to Jesters

Why can I never remember my nights in Jesters?
by tigeronesie July 21, 2011
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You can have them bimbos,
I'll keep my women like Flo Jo
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The most wise of all those in the kings court. The jester can entertain the king and his whole court without getting himself beheaded.
It takes a hell of a jester to deliver a burn like that and still stay alive to burn the king again tomorrow.
by Jester Lind June 19, 2006
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a fool. a joker. a clown. an entertainer that dances and/or tells jokes. (usually for kings)
1.the 2/4 jokers in a deck of cards.
2.a male person in silly attire performing for the king's entertainment
3.people in "Jackass". (a show for the mentally insane)
by david lui June 30, 2005
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A fool, a buffoon who is basically there for other people's enjoyment. Usually one that has consumed a large amount of alcohol and is acting like clown but is so entertaining that he/she earns the jester title.
Joe just shotgunned those beers and now he's running around the house like a jester.
by Flush Master September 15, 2012
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The name given to a tactic used in online gaming where a player will use a device that makes a loud noise or visible distraction (ie a Grenade, Smoke Grenade etc) in order to divert an opponents attention so that he can sneak up on him.

Named after a popular Counter Strike (1.6) player whose tag was 'ASM Jester', this player would frequently use the technique to divert the attention of small numbers of opponents and would then sneak up behind them.

The technique has become standard affair for the players of the new generation of 'Duck and Shoot' style games such as Gears of War and Rainbow Six Vegas.

ASM Jester was well known for his tactical gameplay and friendly banter, as well as some occasional high calibre trash talk. He wasn't one of the greats of CS 1.6, but you definitely wouldn't want him on the other team. A bit of a reputation as a 'dark horse' there are those who think that he is a Games Developer, and also some who believe that he is actually a Professional Gamer. Either way he is rumoured to have been seen recently on several Xbox360 servers using the same gamertag 'ASM Jester'.
I couldn't flank him so I hid for a bit and then used a Jester.
by David Vernon Brown March 03, 2007
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1. A jokey-joke maker. In ye olde days, he accompanied the King and cracked some cheesy jokes and stuff to keep the King entertained.

2. A sweet hackey sack manoeuvre, in which the player jumps off the ground with his/her non-hitting foot first straight out. Then the second leg follows through underneath the knee area of the other leg with the toe pointed straight out. As the leg rotates around the thigh axis, the foot strikes the sack sideways like the chicken wing manoeuvre. It is the basis for the super jester and reverse jester.

3. Jester is the code name of arguably the best Top Gun pilot from the movie Top Gun.
1. Some Guy: The Jester in Shakespeares play King Lear is one silly bitch.

2. Some Guy: Oh shit son! 7 jesters in a row!! I'm gonna pull an Upper Deck Deluxe on you!

3. Maverick: "Roger that Jester, I am not as good as you, over."
by Cool McJeebs October 19, 2006
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