A fucking dickhead who treats people like fucking shit like throwing, slapping, beating, pinching, whipping, kicking, beating, or anything else that physically hurts, mostly leaving bruises, cuts, and a broken soul.
Go out with my ex-boyfriend. Then you'll know an abuser.
by Marissa[Glub Glub] March 11, 2007
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Getting tired of being drugged by family members as a sick game when all iv did is help. You restricted mentally slow individual that would rather belittle someone and lose everything to be smarter. Screaming and shouting to prove a point to your pussy show you the man completely destroying your company and the work environment with your attitude.
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd February 11, 2020
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When a woman hits a man and bruises him for no reason other than “all men have done this before” (even though there is ZERO evidence/data that proves that every single individual male has hit a woman) and to be perceived as a heroine by other women and psychotic American feminists that scream “oppression” from homes that they paid off with inherited money.
“Omg, did you hear that Elsa hit John?”

“Yes, he was totally asking for it by sitting there and reading a book and minding his own business.”

“Omg, but did you also hear that John hit her back?”

“OH MY GOD!!!! THAT’S ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I know, right? He’s like 5’2” and 137 lbs. and she’s like 6’0” and 357 lbs. that’s like SO unfair. A MAN HITTING A WOMAN?! WOMEN ARE SMALLER AND MORE FRAGILE!!!!!”
by Elsa Buttersworth December 24, 2019
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Healthy discipline with the integration of hardware.
"Kid mouthed off to me, so I disciplined his fat ass with a shovel." "Oh so you abused him"

"Dat ass... I'd ABUSE that bitch."
by RealWorldDefinitions November 13, 2012
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Someone who is a danger to human beings. Abuse can take many different forms. Abusers can use prolonged abuse tactics over a long period of time to try to control, harm or damage someones reputation and/or to physically or psychologically harm them.
'Example' Abuser- Vitale opened websites about his victim. He tries to manipulate relationships, degrades and uses psychological torture and verbal insults to taunt people. Also uses stalking as a control tool. He is an abuser.
by wav394 January 17, 2008
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an destructive act towards someone that can cause mental and/or physical damage
Most abuse can leave a person feeling vulnerable.
by Gerard Irick April 23, 2010
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