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Rough Sex

Very vigourous sex for people who like pain, but aren't into the really kinky shit. May involve hair pulling, ass-slapping, biting etc.
"I really like rough sex."
"I want it rough tonight, baby"
by maggie January 14, 2005

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a person who makes you laugh
you a real ROsie
by maggie April 28, 2003

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The highest source of heat on the planet Earth after the Sun.
I stood next to Evangeline Lilly on the subway, and got a bad sunburn.
by Maggie April 10, 2005

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Mansonite, A term used to categorize a person that listens Marilyn Manson. This person usualy follows his veiws and points as well as listens to his music, many say they are posers but aren't we all posers? Mansonites usualy go by what he is saying not like "fans" that just listen to his music many of them understand where he is coming from
Mansonite- I agree with Marilyn Mansons veiws although American aren't as individual as many want them to be there isn't such thing as individuality anymore, am I right?

"Goth" Bitch- POSER!
by Maggie April 12, 2005

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The area underneath the lower lip, above the chin where where it gets pierced (usually in the middle). Some refer labret piercings as 'lip piercings'.
I've been wanting to get my labret pierced ever since I saw how good it looked on Sarah.
by Maggie December 11, 2003

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Words combined into a sentence, paragraph, speech, etc. SAY one thing, yet MEAN something different. As the American Native Peoples called the white man's words - He speaks with forked tongue
The council has agreed to the demands of all those detained without charge; they will be allowed weekly phone calls with family members.
WHAT IS NOT SAID:::The calls will be monitored, and the charges will be so expensive that the common man/woman's family cannot pay for the call.
by Maggie September 11, 2004

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someone who is oh so totally cool
see maggie b, im jealous of her cooleness
by maggie April 23, 2005

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