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These are so stupid i dont understand y ppl think they are tru cuz now girlz are afraid 2 wear them cuz of sick stupid boiz. Until a lady came and talked about them to mi class no1 had any idea that they were even sex related now ppl make up definitions 4 colors 2 scare the guelz who wear 'em they are so0o0o0o0 stupid
i cant even wear them without being made fun of
by Maggie December 17, 2003
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- Extreme like, infatuation or love of something or someone.
Jen is all about Ben.
by Maggie January 7, 2004
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something so far beyond utopian that you are in the most supreme of enjoyment all the seconds of your life.
ex: That dream was so aniac I knew all along that it was just a dream.
Derived from the wonderful and always emulating Ani DiFranco....her music and being puts me in such a supreme mood that I just had to give her a word
by Maggie October 14, 2003
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A tacky store where kids who can't afford Abercrombie shop.
"I got the cutest embroidered peasant top from Aeropostle the other day!"
by Maggie March 3, 2005
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can be spelled "gaw", if you say it that way, but it has the same effect. it's kinda like saying geez or boy.
by Maggie April 13, 2004
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being damn selfish or damn wrong
you mom was so vendicated to hit you with that bat.
by Maggie April 18, 2005
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