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Variants : a-teamin' it, a-teamed it, a-teamin', a-teamed

1) Based off of the show The A-Team, a phrase used when one must get somewhere quickly; used as a sign of encouragement.
2) Jumping or running dramatically.
3) Walking slowly when one should be going more quickly.
4) Something that MUST be done.
1) "Come on, Chelsea, you can A-Team it!"
2) "Whoa, whoa. No need to A-Team it there, man."
3) "Hurry up, you gotta A-Team this bitch to make it to class on time!"
4) "Crap, now I gotta A-Team it outside to go catch my dog."

Variants :

"We went to the mall and were A-Teamin' to Hollister 'cause there's a sale on bags."

"Man, I fucking A-Teamed it to my job interview today."

"I hope they appreciated my A-Teamin' to be able to get to the store before it closes."

"Hurry up!"
"Shush. This doesn't need to be A-Teamed."
by CarbonatedWater April 06, 2006
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