To draft the same player in multiple fantasy leagues, effectively ending his season and/or NFL career.
by Defcon 1 August 16, 2012
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80's TV show that survived being unrealistic and non-violent with original stories and rich charactors. Featured top actors such as George Peppard, Mr. T, Dwight Schlutz and Dirk Bennedict. The originnal episode featured Tim Dunnigan as faceman instead of Dirk.
If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, and if you can find them....
by Gumba Gumba February 22, 2004
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The crew of the best looking waitresses at Hooters. They usually work the busier times of the day and weekends.
Jimmy: "Dude, these Hooters girls aren't that hot"
Adam: "This is just the b-team, after 5:00 the a-team will be in"
by Backinblack January 7, 2006
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For the team is a new york slang word meaning a girl who fucks everyone she's kinda like a homie hopper but she fucks the whole football team.
Boys:hey who's the new girls
Other boy:oh don't try her she's for the team.
by Blacklightning June 18, 2019
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To partner with in a competitive event. Also can be teamin'.
The tennis tournament was coming up and Alex and I were teaming.
by stockman09 June 14, 2007
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Group of main characters in a film or book who seem to always survive everything, whilst all the other characters around them die out.
Many Ewoks died in the Battle of Endor. Of course, the A-team survived once again unharmed.
by JMUK December 24, 2012
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