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a period of time over fifteen minutes but not exceeding 2 hours.

derived from asec
Just gimmie a-bit.
I'll be there in a-bit
by StevofrmLDN April 17, 2006
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Abit, a shortened version of the words a and bit. Usually used when typing really quickly on chats/forums and forgets to put the space in between.
Person 1: Hey, are you still tired?
Person 2: Abit.
by KingCold999 August 21, 2009
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ABIT is a Taiwanese-based motherboard and VGA manufacturer famously known for creating stable and high performing pieces of computer hardware.

ABIT engineers were the first to incorporate a jumperless motherboard technology into their products with the release of their trademarked “SoftMenu” technology. ABIT also tests each and every individual product for hours on end. These tests are knows as ABIT's trademarked “TortureTests”. Before each product can be sold on retails shelves it must pass these tests. Products that fail these tests are discarded, insuring stability and performance

Today, ABIT is one of the largest manufactures of high-end PC motherboards for AMD and Intel processor solutions.
My ABIT motherboard is the fastest out there.
by Vayne March 23, 2005
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"Hey Will!"
"My drink only has a bit left in it, can i have some more?"
"Have you drank more than 50% of it?"
by God of all words and such sort January 10, 2012
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The "abit" is similar to the alot, a mythical creature invented by Allie Brosh in the blog "Hyperbole and a Half". The abit, however, is more common these days and is mentioned frequently amongst the generally ignorent. The abit is extremely cute - a pink teddy bear with wings, and they vary quite drastically in size.
"I wish I was abit happier" - they clearly recognise that the abit is a very happy creature and yearn for that kind of joy.

"Abit more to the right" means please move that object to the right, about the height of an abit will do. Unfortunately, abits are all different sizes so this is difficult to judge.
by WellReadBlonde July 07, 2011
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Whenever you ask an asian person if they've studied for a quiz/test/exam, they will usually reply with 'a bit'.. However, don't be fooled. You know that they've spent days studying because of their parents.
You : Hey Ching-Lau, study for that health test?
Asian: *Deep accent* A bit (inside head - for like 5 hours)
by julian1234 May 18, 2010
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a bit; 1:30; An hour and a half.
Hey, hay dude, HAY
How long is a bit?
a bit?
about an hour and a half.
by bradtastik January 23, 2008
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