Involving sports such as skateboarding, or bike riding, or any other sport for that matter, and you fall, and land directly on your face.
That was a nice face plant when your bike hit that mud spot.
by Klepto May 20, 2003
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A trick in all freestyle sports such as skateboarding or snowboarding in which the athlete contacts the ground with his or her face. Term is derived from other tricks such as a foot plant or hand plant in that the trick involves placing a body part on the ground as part of the trick. Although wildly popular, the face plant is rarely performed on purpose.
Person 1: "Dude, that was the gnarliest face plant I've ever seen!"
Person 2: "I should go to the hospital."
by MTB man July 5, 2011
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falling on your face in a humurous fashion; the act of planting your face on the ground
As she rolled on the floor laughing while watching that dude whose pants fall off when he dives over the fence while he is playing baseball and falls on his face on America's Funniest Videos Jenn said, "I sure do love a good face plant!"
by HennyPenny415 November 9, 2007
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A serious fall in which you land on your face. It's called a "face plant" because it appears as if you're trying to do an impression of a plant with your face as its roots.
Last night at Sigma Chi I was so wasted that I slipped, bounced off the ramp, and did a serious face-plant onto the ground below.
by Nick D May 24, 2004
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to be so zoned into your smartphone device that you end up ignoring the world that you live in.
face planter's tend to fall into fountains while texting. face planters don't know that guy at the coffee shop thinks that they are cute because they never look up.
by karenladeeda May 7, 2012
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The fine and precise art of landing ones face into the ground , floor , or concrete usually by act of sporting stupidity or by natural means of clumsiness .
That dumb bitch done face-planted his shit hard .
Nice face plant you stupid fucking idiot..
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The words yelled after grabbing a girl's wrists out from under her whilst doing her from behind.
Bernie and Linda were having a good time until Bernie chopped Linda's arms out from under her and yelled "Face plant!"
by Heather Ledger January 31, 2005
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