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the term "a sean penn" is used to describe an egotistical person who thinks that there opinion should matter more than other people's. a sean penn is commonly fond in places such as LA, sanfransisc, the inner party of any communist country, and pretty much any other hotbed of ass holes. a sean penn will often make huge outlandish claims, and often will not respect the right of others to free speech. in addition a sean penn will not do any good deeds unless a camera crew is watching, or it will gain him publicity. dew to the fact that a sean penn will only do a good dead if seen by others they are not good deeds, just appear to be because he is rewarded with publicity. a sean penn will often not realize that just because he has some "higher social status" he knows what is best for those bellow him. a sean penn will often call for the arrest of US citizens when they make fun of his "friends, such as the Communist tyrant Hugo Chaves. a sean penn is a blight on society and huge pain in the ass, who should be convicted of treason, however his bull shit is way to easy to make fun of.
liberal hippy duché: ive been to Iraq you know! before american arrived it was a nice place where woman could walk down the street with out cloths on there head, and could drive cars, and vote in free democratic the election that happened every 2 years.
Normal person: shut up all you are is a sean penn.
by Roachman24 July 18, 2013
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