Grumpy Actor, who is the former husband of Madonna.
A. Dude, Sean Penn is obviously still in love with Madonna...
B. Totally!
by Dale Walford March 26, 2007
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A fascist because he hangs out with and pals around with other know fascists such as Saddam Hussein.
The fact Sean Penn is a fascist is irrefutable.He was also married to cum dumpster Madonna.
by freedom fighter September 16, 2006
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Sean Penn is a huge hypocrite for bashing America for stealing its land from Native Americans but ignores the fact that the movies he's in are made by film companies based in America, filmed on American land and seen by paying American customers in American movie theaters.
by rustyshackleford December 11, 2007
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One of the greatest actors out now and easily the best of his generation. But his talent is overlooked over his temper tantrums, anti-Hollywood attitude and sour sense of humor. But he's one of my favorites. You can't hate someone you don't know personally.
Too many dipshits base an actor on their personality. You guys don't know them to judge.
by Kyle March 21, 2005
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1) The ruler of the world.
2) A really nifty actor
3) Someone who can kick your ass.
1) Hail Sean Penn!!!
2) Sean Penn was awesome in 21 Grams!
3) Look at Sean Penn castrate the first submitter!
by Jesus Christ April 30, 2004
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the term "a sean penn" is used to describe an egotistical person who thinks that there opinion should matter more than other people's. a sean penn is commonly fond in places such as LA, sanfransisc, the inner party of any communist country, and pretty much any other hotbed of ass holes. a sean penn will often make huge outlandish claims, and often will not respect the right of others to free speech. in addition a sean penn will not do any good deeds unless a camera crew is watching, or it will gain him publicity. dew to the fact that a sean penn will only do a good dead if seen by others they are not good deeds, just appear to be because he is rewarded with publicity. a sean penn will often not realize that just because he has some "higher social status" he knows what is best for those bellow him. a sean penn will often call for the arrest of US citizens when they make fun of his "friends, such as the Communist tyrant Hugo Chaves. a sean penn is a blight on society and huge pain in the ass, who should be convicted of treason, however his bull shit is way to easy to make fun of.
liberal hippy duché: ive been to Iraq you know! before american arrived it was a nice place where woman could walk down the street with out cloths on there head, and could drive cars, and vote in free democratic the election that happened every 2 years.
Normal person: shut up all you are is a sean penn.
by Rocheman4280 July 18, 2013
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A derisive and sardonic comment made in response to the tendency of Mr. Penn to believe that he is making a difference when he takes on a cause.
Oh boy, we are all finally gonna be saved, here comes Sean Penn to the rescue!
by Dr Bunnygirl May 9, 2020
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