environment that favors rapid growth or development.
The riverside neighborhood was a hotbed of crime.
by Morgan Tierney October 31, 2006
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a place where an item or activity is extremely popular
North Carolina, Kentucky, and Indiana are hotbeds for the sport of basketball.
by hoopsjunkie December 26, 2011
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a place where something is in abundance
The second level in thier latest game was a hotbed fopr glitches.
by The Return of Light Joker July 25, 2009
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"I love my girlfriend so much."
"She's going to the hotbed of sin? You're screwed."
by the torpedo September 20, 2008
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tatar jumps on bed and bed goes boooom alexandr
"bagiurbagir" "oh woow he is a hotbeder"
by adqdwadsawdsafdaklmnfopiajhfaf January 16, 2023
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Super-cool-and-groovy-band 'Horses On The Beach'
Have you heard the new HOTB song?

-Of course I have, it's a banger!
by SomeoneElseAnotherPerson January 7, 2021
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