When one (male or female) consumes alcohol and becomes intoxicated, but is with people or at an event in which he/she must not show his intoxication for risk of inappropriate behavior or embarrassment. Therefore, he/she tries to contain the fact of intoxication while still feeling the effects of the alcohol.
1) I took a few shots with my roommate right before the lawyers dinner. We both experienced inner parties.
2) I had a few beers before meeting her mother. She thought I was cool, but I was having an inner party
by Pineapple Kitty November 24, 2009
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1. Something that is of a particularly high caliber or quality

2. Something that is usually available to the upper echelons of society.

3. Something that is particularly rare or hard to find.

4. An item which is a symbol of power or status

Origin: This phrase is a tongue in cheek reference to Oceania’s Inner Party, which is the highest known societal caste in George Orwell’s 1984, aside from Big Brother himself.

Notes: Not to be confused with the alternative usage of the term 'Inner Party' when it is used within the context of referring to one's posse or confidants.
My homie: Here, take a drag of this Japanese cigarette. The flavor is awesome!

Me: *takes drag* Goddamn!

My homie: You like it, huh?

Me: Hell yeah, this is some inner party shit!
by Asriel___LOVER October 28, 2023
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