The feeling, when walking through a part of town, that this neighborhood has seen better days. The decline of a part of the city from thriving neighborhood to encroaching ghettodom. Usually, blight begins with the construction of a mall/huge shopping complex, which drains local businesses of needed revenue, causing them to fail, leading eventually to joblessness and poverty. The first signs of blight are poorly kept properties, damaged building facades and an increasing number of "for sale" signs.

Blight can worsten or recover, but if aided by a poor economy, it can be the precursor to the descent of the neighborhood into ghetto status. Jobs stay scarce, get scarcer, the upper middle classes leave because the area is no longer "desirable," the lower middle classes leave to find jobs in other towns. As property values plunge, the neighborhood becomes populated by the very poor, who can't afford to live any where else. Since ethnic and class lines, just as concrete as one another, often run paralell, the neigborhood often changes color. As buildings fall into disrepair, sale signs give way to boarded up windows. In it's final state, the neighborhood is a slum, a ghetto, plagued with crime, disease and, above all, crushing, inescapeable poverty.

This of course is just the worst case scenario.
That building has changed hands three times in the course of three years, now it's just sitting there, with the for sale sign, faded pale blue by the sun. I smell blight.
by Teh ded Pope April 12, 2005
A giant lumbering behmoth. Causing destruction and hate. Eats small children and is anal. Is usually a authority figure, but that doesn't make him/her not a bastard. Hates children and love.
"Hey the blight kicked me out of school for a month for a year because I smiled."
by Bagedly April 15, 2004
The street name of "Milwaukee's Best Light". Traditionally, it has been known as "Beast". Blight is a blend of these terms.
"Yo homeslice, hit me up wit some ill Blight, dawg!"

"Nah, fuck tum."
by Koolio Kramer January 30, 2005
An adjective to describe a black person who thinks they're white. Kind of like "wigger".
Jacquice is so blight.
by Krankheit May 2, 2007
a black person that hangs out with white people and has a hight and squeeky voice/laugh. This changes when in the company of black people, which never happens to this particular person.
by poop November 30, 2003
the sparking of a blunt.
yo, lets go blight that on the porch.
by Quazm January 4, 2007
In the Stop-Motion series “Moral OrelOrel’s father Clay Puppington has a drunk rant about nature. He mentions the word blight being sudden withering death. And how Orel needs to look at the Blight side of things.
(After a large swig of alcohol) I gotta tell you, Orel; your cup is always half empty. You need to be more like your old man and look at the blight side of things.


I didn't say bright, I said blight. "My life is sunny and blight". Bright means the opposite, it means sudden withering death, and...(Suddenly despondent)...Oh, who am I kidding? My life is full of bright.

You mean blight?

Oh God...

What's the matter?

...I hate myself...
by gamering gamers May 9, 2022