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perhaps the biggest duche bag in the world often an insecure short or poorly endowed or some one pissed of for no reason,
guy one: did you see adam did to that kid today?

girl: yeah he's such a ducher i bet he's never been layed.
by Rocheman4280 January 20, 2012
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cocain or adderal taken before a rugby match
he took flanker juice before the game against provo broke his cheek bone got back up and finnishes the game
by Rocheman4280 February 27, 2021
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a person who dose not project nerdy qualities but still has them. the person is commonly an athlete most of the time they come out about there inner nerd when they are in college to there close friends and team mates.
college sports fan: hey great game! 3 tri's way to go!
college rugby player: thanks a lot!
later that day:
college rugby player: hey before we go get the kegs and shit for the party i want to watch return of the Jedi.
other college rugby player: alright bro, yo when are you going to come out about you inner nerd.
college rugby player: I don't know man its hard to be an in the closet nerd. i just don't know.
by Rocheman4280 July 18, 2013
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a hydrogen bomb made by mixing alumminum foil and tolet cleaner the works inside a container. if vaper is exposed to flame it will incinorate.
we put the works in a trash can and was put on a terroist watch list
by Rocheman4280 January 7, 2021
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the term "a sean penn" is used to describe an egotistical person who thinks that there opinion should matter more than other people's. a sean penn is commonly fond in places such as LA, sanfransisc, the inner party of any communist country, and pretty much any other hotbed of ass holes. a sean penn will often make huge outlandish claims, and often will not respect the right of others to free speech. in addition a sean penn will not do any good deeds unless a camera crew is watching, or it will gain him publicity. dew to the fact that a sean penn will only do a good dead if seen by others they are not good deeds, just appear to be because he is rewarded with publicity. a sean penn will often not realize that just because he has some "higher social status" he knows what is best for those bellow him. a sean penn will often call for the arrest of US citizens when they make fun of his "friends, such as the Communist tyrant Hugo Chaves. a sean penn is a blight on society and huge pain in the ass, who should be convicted of treason, however his bull shit is way to easy to make fun of.
liberal hippy duché: ive been to Iraq you know! before american arrived it was a nice place where woman could walk down the street with out cloths on there head, and could drive cars, and vote in free democratic the election that happened every 2 years.
Normal person: shut up all you are is a sean penn.
by Rocheman4280 July 18, 2013
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When a dedicated biker ether rode or mountain is in the process of buying a new bike and they won't shut up about it. A bike boner will effect both male and female riders of all ages. the bike boner is a serious problem for those around it dew to the rider's in ability to shut up about his new bike he's going to get. most commonly effects People who work at Bike shops.
Kevin: man i cant diside wether i should get the XO cranks or the stock one's on my new treck remedy.

Jason: shut up Kevin!
Kevin: Yeah your right i should totally get the XO and a FOX fork.
Jason: shut up!
Chris: Jason its just his bike boner going off, just let it pass it's court.
Kevin: OHH no i'm totally going to get Rock shock Boxer and make it more a free ride bike. YES!
Chris: Kevin SHUT UP!
Kevin: Yeah your right then i can ride a little DH that way. fuck yeah!
by Rocheman4280 June 27, 2013
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