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Russel Crowe's best friend who always follows him around to watch him get into fights
Tuggah' shot himself when he couldn't get away from Russel Crowe singing.
by rustyshackleford December 10, 2007
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Something that happened during the 1970's due to humans spewing aerosols into the atmosphere. Once we stopped spewing aerosols into the atmosphere, global cooling stopped, thus proving that human society CAN affect global climate. The concern over global cooling was exaggerated by Newsweek in the 1970's and as a result many conservatives completely distort the issue in order to attack the current scientific consensus on global warming.

That they do this based on a Newsweek article is bizarre considering that most of the time they complain about how the mainstream media distorts the news. Of course, in this instance Newsweek just so happened to NOT be distorting the news for some reason. At least according to many conservatives.
I'm sick and tired of hearing right-wing talk radio show hosts continuing to distort the global cooling of the 1970's.
by rustyshackleford December 10, 2007
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Oh, Jesuth Chritht! You girls don't want to be like Paris Hilton. She's a nobody.
by rustyshackleford December 10, 2007
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one who believes in principle in general government regulation of people's personal freedom, often as a result of their religious beliefs
Social conservatives tend to be against abortion, gay marriage, embryonic stem cell research, physician assisted suicide, gun control and affirmative action and for prayer in public schools, capital punishment and supporting Israel.
by rustyshackleford December 11, 2007
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if something doesn't have an article about it on wikipedia then it must not exist
by rustyshackleford August 2, 2007
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A very leftist Hollywood documentary filmmaker who also writes some books. He has been accused by many of telling lies in his movies but I tend to believe that he is overall honest because he is an Eagle Scout.
If I could ask Michael Moore one question it would be if he makes any tax deductions.
by rustyshackleford December 11, 2007
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A movie that takes place in Boston that's full of people talking in exaggerated Boston accents and Irish accents. Typically, such movies try to get the message across about just how great Boston is. Boston Movies often star actors who are native to Boston, such as Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Robert Wahlberg, Ben Affleck and Casie Affleck. Such movies tend to be filled with special slang relevant specifically to Boston. Some of the well known Boston Movies are 'Good Will Hunting', 'The Boondock Saints' and 'The Departed'.
In light of its win of the Oscar for Best Picture, 'The Departed' is arguably the greatest Boston Movie.
by rustyshackleford December 10, 2007
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