This is an update from exactly a year ago 18/8/22 1am when I originally typed a definition :)

The best type of cow. He uses every opportunity to boost his wife's ego which is almost higher than her (she's soo tall - a giant - a god, even). A semi smile grimace and kind eyes can always be seen plastered on his funky fresh face. His voice and laugh are also funky fresh. People should take caution when meeting him because he is simply a god (ladies back off, men too ik he's fine but chill). The notorious 'Cow Cow' may be intimidating at first but when you talk to him more and more you'll find out he is husband material. A guy that knows you so well he texts you 'have good nap' when you're just about to so your heart does flips. A guy who (Will)ingly replies to almost every single message and reel you send (I've sent so many the app crashed). A guy that you can't exactly hate but can definitely love. Yes others call him Will, but I call him mine.
My Cow Cow.
I'll love you unconditionally and eternally <<33
'omg Cow Cow you fell asleep before me I win'

'I'm superior Cow Cow'

'I'm the best sudoku and spider player Cow Cow'

'Romeo and Juliet is your fantasy Cow Cow'

'I love you Cow Cow'
by o0ga b0oga August 18, 2023
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bad translation of a phrase in hebrew meaning "step by step"/ "slowly, slowly"
your class is about to take 5 really big tests, in order to pass them you'll have to do it cow cow.
by shaniki May 31, 2007
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2.not able to learn because of his brian condition
Bush is a on-cow-cow fucka
by sonx May 4, 2005
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British slang for an annoying, stupid and/or bitchy woman. Sounds funniest when spoken in a Glasgwegian accent.
Och, gonnae just shut it, ya cow!
by CowMcCowie October 2, 2007
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that cow be mooin
by 123yashey March 2, 2022
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Anything that is not a cow. It is sometimes used for tags when you can't think of anything else to put in. Also, It can be used for answering a question that you don't know the answer to.
1. TAGS: Carrot, pie, elf, lichen, omelette, Not a Cow

2. Manager: "So, Alex, what have you been working on?"
Alex: " Uh.... Not a Cow?"
Manager: "You're fired."
by Lilli the Excellence June 10, 2010
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The only place in Reisterstown people who aren't from Reisterstown know about. Also the only place in Reisterstown where you can find something to do. People are there whenever it's open, most likely eating ice cream and doing nothing. If you go to the cow by yourself, you're lame. And if you don't go to the cow, you don't live in Reisterstown.
Person A- I went to the cow yesterday with some friends.
Person B- Sweet. I was going to get some people to go today.

Person A- Can I come?
by CelestiaLight February 15, 2010
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