a COW (noun) meaning a fit or an outburst.

(I recall this word being used back about 1975. It was coined such because apparently some people, when they were getting upset, would make a somewhat long and gutteral sound that amazingly sounded like a cow mooing.
by Wadsy February 25, 2005
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best animal in the world DO NOT use as a negative comment e.g 'You stupid COW!' i myself am a cow and am offended when evil people get called cows i want to be called a cow n yet no-one seems to call me it so in the future please use cow in this way,
'hey jess you mad moo cow'
by jess (mad moo cow) June 08, 2005
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1. A word that can stand for "Crazy Old Woman."

2. A word to describe a person with a fat ass.

3. A large animal that can be made into beef.

As such, it's a double-whammy as an insult.
1. "My granda has kind of turned into a cow..."

2. Get out of my way, you stupid cow!

3. The cow said "moo."
by Tiger911 January 09, 2009
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a disturbingly fat lady with extremely saggy breasts and enough rolls to fill a bakery.
"EWWWW!!,OMG a naked cow is on the loose!!
by quintin June 25, 2004
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1.the number cause of global warming.
2. a herd of animals that have been eaten for thousands of years by humans.
3. an animal whoes shit smells ten times worse than the toilet at its badest.
1.damn cows emitting all that CO2
2.eating Cows, its so easy, a caveman can do it.
3. dude man someone laid a number 2 on the toilet, it smells like cow doodo
by Sahara Desert December 16, 2008
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As in Cowing-hell or cowin-ell! South Wales exclamation of surprise or shock
Cowing hell! This film is crap
by sara1111 July 10, 2005
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A type of foreplay which has typically the male as the cow. It involves mooing which then proceeds to the cow taking a bite out of the females massive bush similar to a cow eating grass from the ground.
I want to spice up the bedroom. Let’s do the cow

Babe when’s the last time you shaved, I want to do the Cow .
by CaillousLeftNUT March 29, 2018
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