anything, depends how you say it
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I love lichengasms.
Lichens is my homeboy.
Are you itchin' lichen.
by dadsa May 8, 2006
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Parasitic employees with no skills of their own who are great at delegating tasks to others
Lichens often face a dilemma when they overdelegate and in effect leave themselves with nothing to do.
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LS- is short for Lichen sclerosus (aka lichen sclerosis or lichen sclerosis et atrophicus) is a painful skin condition that typically affects the vulva (or penis) and anus. In women, LS falls under the general category of vulvodynia (chronic vulvar pain). It is not a contagious condition.
"Oh yeah, she has got LS"
"She's got what?"
"Lichen Sclerosis"
by Tom725 September 23, 2007
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When she keeps sucking after you nutted.
Dude, she lichen drained me so hard I felt like my soul left my body.
by Black Konda February 8, 2022
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