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Juliet is a girl with good fashion sense who loves to have fun! She's very adventurous, creative, and talented musically. She has many interests and hobbies such as science, photography and sports to distract her as she waits for her one true love. She's always there to lend a hand, extremely helpful and caring towards others. Although she is fun to be around often times she is pushed out of the light. Although many of the people she cares about don't treat her as nicely as she does them, she still loves them wholeheartedly just the same. She has her struggles with her self-esteem and problems only she knows about in her head and she hides them from other so she won't be a bother. But she always finds ways to overcome and is a determined girl who believes she can do anything as long as she puts her mind to it!
"Juliet's so fun to hang out with! I'm glad she's in my class!"

"Maybe Juliet can help us?"

"Juliet's always smiling I wish I could be as happy as she is!"
by StressedMessBubbleQueen November 30, 2016
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Did you see Juliet today? She is such a beautiful person. Inside and out.
by JSweet71 December 20, 2016
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youthful, smart, very crazy in a weird good way, loving, reader, very creative, aesthesia, friendly and importantly loves and cherish all loved ones, family and friends, loves all that is aesthetic, creative, lives for the thrill, not fearful hardly ever. art, books and music addicted.
a great artist, beautiful mind, a fashionista, beautiful creature, loves God, great thinker, cares less what others thinks, lives to succeed.lives for the smile on the faces of others, smiles a lot and above all lives for the beauty in nature thus seeing creativity in everything.

strong willed and determined ,looks strong and intimidating which is what she wants everyone to see but actually soft and strong on the inside, not easily intimidated, independent, easily lost in her world of art which is what keeps her going. loves a productive day which to her is achieving what she sets to do. feels like a failure when never achieved what shes wants though to others that was a success.
looks complement but tries not to let it get to her head and is always determined to look forward learning from the mistakes of the past, living in the now and towards the future which is the ultimate.
this is juliet (julez)
anything that is beautiful beyond words and expression.
by Mj julez khaleesi March 27, 2016
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Juliet is a very fun and classy girl. Juliet's are usually one in a million, in looks and in personality. She is absolutely gorgeous and sexy af. She is gentle and kind but is fierce and knows what she wants. She is typically a virgin because her standards are very high. She is athletic and in good shape. Her personality is uncomparable to others and hangs out with everyone. She radiates light into every room she walks in. Boys drool over her and her friends and other people are always wanting her attention. She is a hard worker and won't give up at any cost. She is the greatest girlfriend/friend you will ever have.
Boy: "Have you met Juliet?"
Other Boy: "Yeah she's hot asf and her personality is golden!"

Girl: "Omg look it's Juliet!"
Friend: "Aww she's so awesome I love her!!"
by bunnygirl586 October 17, 2017
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The perfect girl. She will light up your life from the moment you meet her.

She's smart but not nerdy, hot but not slutty. Beautiful body and a gorgeous smile, and always up for a good time. A Juliet will be the best girlfriend/friend you will ever have, she's the girl you will want to make your wife.

Sexy, athletic, intelligent, loving, and knows how to party. She may seem intimidating, but that is only because she knows what she wants, and knows she needs a real man.
Boy: "Damn, I could never get Juliet. She's so out of my league"

Friend: "What a hottie. I'm gonna go talk to her."
by allthatreallymatters January 20, 2011
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A Juliet is an amazing person. She is beautiful in every way possible. So lovable. Someone you want to be with. Or talk too.

She is smart but she can be very dumb, she's more street smart than book smart. But then again, it depends on the subject.

She thinks differently than others. She most likely adores animals, and if you ask her why she'll say "because they're cute."

She's like a young child. Cute. Juliet does mean youthful in most name dictionaries though. So it makes sense.

A Juliet can be over dramatic and some times. Like if you ask her where her fucking Romeo is she'll cut you. ...Or tell you she is going to cut you, but most likely, i'm pretty sure she won't. She's to innocent to do that. She doesn't really like having people think she's that innocent though. It bothers her. Alot.

Overall, Juliet means; Youthful. Beautiful. Amazing. Lovable. Caring. Smart. Dumb. Cute. Dramatic. Innocent but not as innocent as you think.
Boy 1: Did you talk to Juliet?
Boy 2: Yeah, she's amazing and so amusing. And so beautiful.
Boy 1: Yeah, she really is something.
by Camerion August 23, 2011
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A sweet girl who really likes having fun and laughing... she's never bad, never sad. Perfect in every way
Juliette... ah the smell of fresh flowers
by Fruitloops May 21, 2004
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