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To me skateboarding is the most enjoyable sport ever created. Its one of the best things you can do and its really fun. Kids who skateboard just for the fun of it are the ones who really like it. But.....

we now have little assholes skating just "to get sponsered" That dont realize that 1. They aint gonna get sponsered because you have to love the sport to get that good and 2. Even if they do get sponsered there isnt going to be all glory and big paychecks. And some skating kids say its a stereotype that all skaters are assholes. Not ALL of them but the younger kids, in general, are fuckin douche bags. How do you think the stereotype got there? stereotypes usually hold true. Also we have the kids skating because they think it makes them cool. When are these kids gonna see that skating doesnt make you a cool rebel? theres millions of kids skating!

And the skateparks are full of nasty ass ho women that wanna have 40 babies. That was just as a little side note.
I explained it all, mufucka!
by da hood' November 05, 2004

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Something thats impossible to enjoy at my house because every holiday ( Especially independance day) My father drinks heavily, throws his old vietnam uniform on, grabs his m-14, and fires at my neighbor who just happens to be vietnamese while he shouts " we won the war you brown cocksuckers! Burn in hell you motherfuckers!" Not the best time of the year.
my neighbor packs severe heat and i fear hes going to turn it on us someday soon.
by da hood' November 22, 2004

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A place where pedophiles spawn. AOL chat rooms and any other sort are spawnign grounds for these sick individuals. AOL is never safe. Remember, wherever you are on the internet, the pederasts lurk!
dont talk to them! never!
by da hood' January 29, 2005

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What people always shout to others while theyre alive but at their funeral, you rarely hear anything but nice compliments. Just once id like to see osmone at a funeral say "This guy was a greedy fuckface and i sure hope that his death hurt him in extreme ways, fuck you you son of a bitch, rot in hell!" and then spit o nthe corpse so the wrinkled odl women at them can make fainting noises and pass out.
rot in hell you bastard!
by da hood' January 03, 2005

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whats usually heard in a parking lot, coming from a very unhappy person slashing someone paint job on their car.
leroy: bitch what you doin to my car?!

Shanaynay: i told yo ass to stop fuckin around with shaniqua! now im gonna come cut yo ass!

Leroy: oh shit! bitch you betta not!

*leroy is cut*
by da hood' June 20, 2004

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when someone runs you down with a carving object and kills your ass with it!
jonas chased his wife candace with a fire axe through the woods. he caught her and knocked her to the ground. he raised the axe and candace put her arm up futally to block the axe, but the axe went through her arm and she was split down.
by da hood' June 20, 2004

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the rival gang of the KKK (ku klux klan.) they are less severe than the KKK,hence the name WWW (meaning White Whiny Wussies) they dont even go after blacks, instead they hate on chocolate milk. they also pirate rap songs off the internet so they can make Fiddy cent go broke by stealing his music. theyre headquarters is somewhere around washington DC.
the WWW chased the milkman carrying chocolate milk, and slapped him down.
by da hood' July 10, 2004

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