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A holiday in which the skeletal remains of indians will rise from the ground and attack on thanksgiving in the year 2007. They will kill anything they see and whoever they kill will turn into one of them! military forces will be no match and their tanks will be overturned and they will be slain. The entire planet will be overrun by these skeletons and they will kill everyone until every single living person on the planet is one of them. Once every person is one of them they will roam the earth for billions of years until lifeforms form another planet touch down here. These life forms will be killed and their superiors will obliterate the planet earth for the sake of the rest of the universe.
watch out whos country you steal!
by da hood' December 7, 2004
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What fat, cocksucking ugly cunts call you after you turn them down because deep down theyre sad that theyre fat dirty scumbags who no one wants! Looks arent everything but im not going to touch some big greaseball.
"your like, so shallow because i smell like an anchovies twat!"- some stupid fatass.
by da hood' November 3, 2004
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A weapon that a big, sweaty, bald white guy in jail uses to come up behind somebody, stick them many times, then walk away casually and hand the blade to some crackhead to hide it because, lets face it, crackheads may not be smart but they can damn sure hide things like an expert!
by da hood' December 19, 2004
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when someone runs you down with a carving object and kills your ass with it!
jonas chased his wife candace with a fire axe through the woods. he caught her and knocked her to the ground. he raised the axe and candace put her arm up futally to block the axe, but the axe went through her arm and she was split down.
by da hood' June 20, 2004
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What my kitty does to me when i turn my back! mistress kat is a cruel swipist who slashes ribbons into my flesh!
shing........SWIPE! reowr!
by da hood' January 3, 2005
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this is the most fuckin racist game ive ever seen in my life!a game where you buy extremly low cost areas in the da hood and you can be a car with spinnin rims, a toaster toastin fried chicken,a battleship with all black people working on it, a hat that slaves wore, a cannon that hints to firing at blacks, and iron and thimble to show how hard slaves worked! in a special edition version of monopoly, you can be a SPADE! (spade also being a slang term for nigger.)you can also be a tea cup full of, not tea, but colt 45. how racist!
by da hood' July 22, 2004
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What litte goofy wannabes shout and write on their notebooks. If school sucks, then drop out. It that simple. you know what else sucks? Getting AIDS from a homeless guy when your living on the streets! Know what sucks even more? Not having the cash to pay for the treatment when your withering in an alley!
The little child wished he hadnt said school sucks just as the large, unwanted dick plunged into his ass.
by da hood' January 3, 2005
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