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A Place usually for people that love to waste time, or have too much time on their hands. Usually inhabited by normal, and strange individuals engaging in pointless chatter. Usually Adolecents, and teenagers visit Chat Rooms.
If a person in their late 20's/early 30's visiting a chat room often, he/she has way too much time on their hands and can be considered a social reject or "Loser".

by ASmartMark October 21, 2006
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ChatTard can most likely describe a person that goes into chat rooms daily, or have their screen names in chat rooms for hours without actually typing. Also can describe a person causing a nuisance in a chat room. People that waste their daily lives in a chat room instead of doing something more important.
In Every chat room there might be a "ChatTard". Chat rooms are a waste of time, and are usually inhabited by two types; 1) People that want to waste time on purpose, or 2)People who contribute nothing to society.
by ASmartMark October 20, 2006
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