4 definitions by Lynni

1.The lower part of the US. Most commonly used cities:houston,atlanta,st.Louis,miami,New Orleans and some others.Also it is a place that is very hot and sticky,Is very pretty,Gets a lot of rain.,is where all the best rappers come from.
2. Place where many red-necks and country folk reside.
Yo i'm representing tha South side fo all yall!
by Lynni September 26, 2004
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1.place where you go when you're incedibly bored and have nothin else to do.
2.Place where 46 yr old pedophile men pretend to be 14 so they can talk to young girls and possibly cyber w/ them
3.Place where people waste their life away by having pointless conversations with complete strangers or onlne friends.
1.OMG i'm going to resort to joining a chat room because im so bored.ARGGGHHH
2.mid aged pedophile man:Hi im a 14 yr old boy from new york and i like to have fun listening to loud music and skateboarding.Is there any 12 yr old girls here i can chat with.
12 yr old girl:Ya im 12.Lets be friends!
3.Person #1:Dude i just ate the biggest booger ever!

person #2:dude me too!

Person #3:Why the fuck am i here?
by Lynni September 26, 2004
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One of the worst bands in the whole world.They make songs for Disney movies and has one very untalented lead singer.Should never be referred to as a true rock band.
oh my god i can't beleive your wasting your hard working money on a ticket to see Smash mouth
by Lynni September 26, 2004
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Is what a half black and half puerto rican is called.
Since my mom's puerto rican and my dad is black,i'm an afro-rican.YAY!
by Lynni September 26, 2004
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