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Basicaly weed on steroids.
Zope smells and looks like shit but once you take it you can't stop.

The last effect before you overdose, you see Mickey and goofy singing you a lullaby.
(Until you overdose and die)
Let's go get some zope
(Friend) sure, where can we find it?
Under my couch.
(Friend) sounds good, lets go!
by Ferret squad May 18, 2017
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To calm down or relax. To pass time idly. To keep company. Can often be used with "out."
After a strenuous day, Nathan and Makaela decided against going out for the night and decided to stay home and zope.
by NVFIN August 31, 2015
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buy the domain for your diy site
1) hey d00dz0r, wanna zope? (2) I zoped your mom last night
by z0per December 20, 2004
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