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Something that is very true. So true that it cannot just be called true. It's fax.
Friend 1:Bro, Trunp's hair be lookin like a wet dog
Friend 2:fax
by mvpasq August 29, 2016
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1) Stands for the machine that sends a fax
2) Stands for the textual matter sent as seen on paper over cables.

Usually used to transfer documetns that require signatures and actual handwriting over a network.
Also used to send pictures and stuff that needs to be printed out on the other side anyway.
Also used by bored office workers to widely distribute copies of photocopied butt.
turn off the fax machine, we don't need any more copies of THAT.
by Gunkglumb May 23, 2005
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A. a slang word with two meanings.
i. A hot person
ii. a situation, event or occurrence that is pleasing.
b) anything that isn't fax is defax.
Dude I saw the new Harry Potter film last night, that Emma Watson is so fax!!!
by Hammer Time (Bordeaux) July 16, 2011
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The popular fanfic pairing of Fang and Max, characters from James Patterson's popular book series, Maximum Ride.
'Warning! This story has some major FAX!'
'Don't you just love the faxness?'
'Yay for fax!'
by indie chick_42 (not my age!) October 15, 2008
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When something is really true. Used to agree with someone.
Tyrone: Oli loves eating fat fucking bum beards
Daquan: Oh fuck that's straight fax
by fatcogg July 31, 2019
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To use someone in a sexual manner, with no intention of forming a relatioship; to have sex in an abrupt way, often with little pre-sexual conversation; in medical terms, this would be STAT sex, on demand; this can sometimes benefit both recipients of the fax transmission;
"wanna fax?" "I faxed his girlfriend last night, now she want to fax me all the time." How about "are you looking for a fax?"
by JeffL123 June 29, 2005
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