Something that is very true. So true that it cannot just be called true. It's fax.
Friend 1:Bro, Trunp's hair be lookin like a wet dog
Friend 2:fax
by mvpasq August 29, 2016
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Variation of the word "facts". Can be used in a conversation to express strong agreement and in some cases, understanding, or comprehension of what is being said.
Person 1: that bonfire last night was so lit
Person 2: fax
by Stanford_University July 13, 2022
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When something is really true. Used to agree with someone.
Tyrone: Oli loves eating fat fucking bum beards
Daquan: Oh fuck that's straight fax
by fatcogg July 31, 2019
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Hey, guys, excuse me for a moment, I really gotta send a fax.
by Ricardo Oliveira March 29, 2003
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The popular fanfic pairing of Fang and Max, characters from James Patterson's popular book series, Maximum Ride.
'Warning! This story has some major FAX!'
'Don't you just love the faxness?'
'Yay for fax!'
by indie chick_42 (not my age!) October 15, 2008
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n. a fat ex-girlfriend or a fat ex.
I talked to my fax the other day. I'm not quite sure why she still calls.
by pmf2000 March 29, 2010
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To be completely tired. When used as a present tense it often implies sleep itself, while as a past tense it implied fatigue. Often, but not always used in conjuction with being tired due to excessive marijuana consumption. Usage prevalent in South Australia.
Man, I'm gonna fax out (sleep).

Man, I'm faxed (tired).
by Bellettmonger September 2, 2008
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