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Um anyone who wrote a definition is a fuckign idiot because Eliot smith is not a real person. However Elliott Smith is the best artist of our time. You can also call him Steve Smith if u want to get technical
by luke January 11, 2005
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emems is so gorgeous and cute and aw, she makes u happy when u look at her :)
emems is a cute pom she looks very purdy today!
by luke July 11, 2004
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all along the lines of Emo, but more emotionally charged music then emotionally charged lyrics. This means, their are often heavy guitars and the occasional screaming.

also known as Emo-Screamo
by luke June 15, 2004
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hairy land mammal cpaable of bad smells and fish hookin ability.
nik bell from grindon hall
by luke April 8, 2005
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The sneeze that tickles but never comes, according to "The Meaning of Liff". So called because at this North London station the rails rattle but the train never comes.
"Ah...! Ah...! Oh it's gone"
"An Amersham?"
by luke October 10, 2003
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best footy player ever he should play for school next year
by luke November 20, 2003
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where your cock lives, your pants or your hands(sucks to be you)
my penis feels secure in its home, its cock loft
by luke January 18, 2004
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