Shortened term for Cool
Commonly and mostly used on msn messenger
''this guy is soooo kl!''
by sweet jesus June 09, 2006
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kl, meaning Kewl, which is another urban word for cool.

Mainly used on chat programs.
Guy1: That guy is so kl.
Gal1: That girl is so kewl.
by George Pope December 16, 2007
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kangaroo luck, term used by Day9 (starcraft 2 commentator) to wish someone luck.
A: glkl
B: u2, hf
by RS6 December 24, 2010
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the short name of kuala lumpur
the capital of malaysia
kl is a city full of fun ,welcome to kl !!!
by cychia October 20, 2005
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KL is what kansas city skanless nigguz call wet sticks,willy wompers,sherman monster,dipperz
bro! we musta blew bout 10 KL's to da face nigga i could dance under water and not get wet!
by corleone December 04, 2004
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