Zoot - the act of snooting cocane in ones nose, blow snoot snoots white lindsay lohan fine china
Me and by friends went out to the club and instead of dancing, we were in the bathroom most of the night doing zoots.
by Cyph911xx July 30, 2009
A weird pothead from Atlanta who got over 1m views on his song on SoundCloud
What’s up Zoot”
by Zoot___ August 28, 2021
Me: omg I want Shawn Mendes to Zoot me.
Irrelevant Rat: Ew!
Me: you’re just jealous that he would zoot me over you.
by Zootmedaddy August 6, 2018
to light a bun or weed, cigerette.
by 50 September 19, 2003
How to address fellow fortnite players that you want to “squad up” and play.
Bro, zoot? I’m tryin’ to get this dub
by Sweglourd99 February 26, 2018
Cool, nice, something which is aplomb.
e.g. We're so zoot.
This picture is soo zoot.
by Zabby.monem April 23, 2011