a thirty something year old man, with no goals in life, who sits online and hits on girls.
That person is acting like a real Zoot, what a loser.
by UrbGirl56 November 15, 2016
When you are so high that you forget you ordered pizza. Then the door bell rings, you get scared, then really happy, because you forgot you ordered pizza.
That cute redhead is so zooted.
by Donniekong February 26, 2016
Are you prepared to get zooooooted?.....
I stay zooted
by Balz924 October 7, 2017
being so f*cking high/drunk the only words you can say are nigga im zooted..
by tom January 12, 2004
Meaning : High , drunk , mostly weed high
Mauricio Santos was zooted in class. Hailey Orona was zooted in her tiktok video.
by Mauricio Santos November 18, 2018
to be just so fucked up that ur brain is completely unfunctional for a certain period of time.
Nigga im so zooted right....now...uhhh
by Kavoen November 5, 2006