All I want to do now is fix a cup of English Breakfast and cotch. What a day!
by talk2me-JCH2 February 15, 2022
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'do you wanna play some ball?'
'nah man i just wanna cotch'
by Mini Monty June 6, 2003
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also a good place to sit.
"this is a damn good cotch.. someone bil up"
by ga December 17, 2003
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Regional term for a tool of the male variety. A dude who seriously overcompensates, typically without knowing it. A more offensive poser, with heavier narcissism to the point of parody. Also very heavy on the "alpha" complex. Can possibly be traced to definitions 6 and 7 of "Kotch."
I lost a lot of respect for her when I met her cotch boyfriend.
by Napoleon Bonerhard November 19, 2006
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to cotch is, as has been previously explained, to rest or relax

1./ however, it has recently come about that to 'have some cotch' is to smoke, usually weed.

2./ it can also mean to have sex outdoors with whoever you happen to be talking to.
1./ lets go have some cotch in the park.

2./ woo lets go have some cotch!!
by Joe Caplin April 1, 2008
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indeed from the old french coucher (to lie down), but the word couche (n) and Kouche (v) are both present in middle english, Chaucer meploys them.(largely due to the french influence on English, obviously). this also explains the ethnic variant "coootch" which some people use. also might be a variant of coach - originally Koche, named after the german town in which it was invented.
i'm enjoying my cotch. this room is a heavy cotch.
by jon December 1, 2004
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