A Zoot is a spliff, u know marijuana, herbal
kl bruv, mans gota 'Zoot' G
by Santino .N September 23, 2007
A gesture of affection that consists of hands gently bouncing through the air from your heart to another’s heart and saying the words “zoot, zoot, zoot”!

Little hearts flying through space from one heart to another or from one person to another.

A symbol to represent 'I love you' or "I am sending you love'.

The term originated from Amanda Gore's mother and is explained in detail in Amanda Gore's book "The Gospel of Joy" (now called "Joy is an Inside Job")

They are a way to symbolically forgive another; tell someone you love them or connect through writing or phone messages.
You have just dropped your child off at school and they look back at you and you make the gesture out the car window towards them and say "zoot zoot zoot!"

If they are not teenagers, they usually respond! If they are teenagers, they grimace but their hearts sing!
by The Joy Project May 6, 2013
To nut, cream, secrete sperm, to ejaculate.
"I'm finna zoot"
"I need to zoot"
"I'm feeling a zoot"
by Michael Welker July 30, 2019
Your local dealer may provide you with these pre-made ? the actual meaning of zoot is not just Spliff, but an extremely high spliff.

A zoot will usually contain a whole 10 bag in (1.6 average in wieght) but not actualy be in a blunt wrap
"We making a zoot ?"
by Dan. M. Watts. August 1, 2008
A KingSize Roll Up Cigarette (altho The Sizes of Zoots Vary on The Users Mood)With Weed and Tobacco Inside
Including a Rolled Up Card Board Filter in One End
These Filters are Famously Known as Roaches.
Oi Bruv have U Got Sum Roach 4 Dis " Zoot "
by cHoPPa aKa TaYLoR September 4, 2005
To partake in the inhalation of the jazzy cabbage
Tammie "I'm bout to go zoot"
Tonya " hold up, I'm coming let me get out a zoot floot"
Wanda " count me in lets get zooted"
by TruthSeeker82 July 23, 2021