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Word History / Origin

Definition 2 was the first usage of the word at Quakecon 2002. Five members of Clan PIT (MC, Bar-B-Q, Crow, Snake, and Bama) noticed that John Carmack's parking space was reserved with a few cones. If only they had a cone, they too could reserve a parking space ... and that would 'own.' No wait. 'It would CONE!' They snatched one from Carmack's space, dragged it into the BYOC and began shooting pics with the cone on people's heads. Cone-ing was born.

Definition 1 followed shortly thereafter as Clan PIT added it to their gaming lexcon. PIT member Bar-B-Q leveraged his position on the development team of the Quake mod Urban Terror to have it appear on screen after a lopsided round win. The third level of 'own' was born.
Hey Demon, smile for the camera ... You've Been Coned!

Henceforth, it shall be named QuakeConed!

Blue team wins. CONED! <Ahhahahahah>
by MCinBigD August 13, 2006
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Definition 1: Cone: To destroy, do away with, slaughter, or kill.

Definition 2: To be completely and utterly dominated in any way shape or form.

Definition 3: To describe something or someone that is doomed, done for, has no chance of survival, about to be owned, etc. Note: a suffix is not necessary if it is undesired.

Definition 4: The topmost tier of being utterly dominated: Owned, Pwned, Coned; Conage

Definition 5: To move a construction cone into the path of a moving vehicle.

Etymology: This word first came into usage when a College Student used the word in a Facebook™ group, soon all the group members were using the word. Soon after that the word made its debut in the online gaming world when it was made the slogan of the Clan VH GANGSTAS. I was first informed of the word by my neighbor who had heard it from a friend of his in South Carolina who had played against the VH GANGSTAS Clan and been utterly dominated. I preceded to track this word back to its origin in Facebook™ and was actually able to find the original Facebook™ post: “…Cuz’ he’s a little bitch that definitely needs to be coned….”
1. “We need to CONE Osama” or “Osama is to be CONED

2. “Haha, You got CONED in paintball Matt! First you ran into barbwire, tripped over it, got stuck upside-down on it, and then you got riddled by like 60 balls—by the way, how are your balls feeling after getting hit multiple times? Man it was funny when you screamed and cried!”

3. "Stew is fucking CONE(D) if he thinks he can take on Brock in kickboxing"

4. “Haha, CONED!—Loser”

5. “I am reminded of the time I hucked the street cone into the side of Bobs car in the parking lot. Ah, that was we CONED him good.”
by El Cool Magnifico, VH Affiliate September 20, 2006
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1)to be jizzed all be given a if taking a vanilla icecream cone and pushing and smothering someone in the face.

2) To completely outplay another team or person. to embarass the opposing team
a) yo i just coned that bitch.
b) We coned their asses!
by xxxxxxxxxxx22222222222 February 26, 2009
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Completely and utterly owned. The third level of ownage: owned, pwned, CONED.

Absolutely pwned - the person that has been owned can't say anything back when he got coned, just hang his head.
Coned, Conage

After killing 5 guys and taking no damage in an online game, he unleashed the conage.
by Conage The Barbarian December 29, 2002
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1. The act of placing traffic cones ontop of homes, cars, etc as a harmless prank on unsuspecting neighbors, family and friends.
After the cross country team finished their team dinner, they coned the cars of their former teammates who were now in college.
by FrozenC September 02, 2005
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The act or idea, of getting rammed in the asshole with a parking cone by a hairy german man named Abelard.
Man 1: hey dude, you know jeff? Man 2: yea, why? Man 1: he got coned by the new janitor Abelard. Man 2: oh.... um well... thats unfortunate. lets go smoke a bowl.

The one thing you want to happen to that fat police guard that runs the parking lot.

Punishment for jews.

what might happen when you dont wear a seatbelt.
by permitchlagenfii April 26, 2011
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