Super sexy ass Chad with a gigantic donkey cock. Slaps the shit outta mark ass bitches and punk muthafuckas who stepped on the wrong block. Most likely fucked yo moms
Laura: marihuana is so hot!!!!
Natalie: yes he's so sexy and he has a gigantic donkey cock
by LilGremlinWayne June 24, 2021
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Failed attempt to spell marijuana.

Yet, it comes from the cannabis plant, a plant less harmful than alcohol. The government and your mommy and daddy have probably told you never to try smoking this, while drinking a glass of Molson Dry, but the truth is it isn't as harmful as they say. The main reason the government made it illegal is because they can't tax it like they can with alcohol or cigarettes. People have been consuming it for centuries, and there has never been a single death recorded caused by marijuana.
I've been smoking marihuana since I was 15, and my life is working great.
by Swindlewindle November 25, 2008
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The felon was arrested for the possesion of an ounce of Marihuana....

It's marijuana, you dumb government bureaucrats.
by The Light of Reason February 23, 2005
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When you're so stoned you can't even spell the damn word right.
"Damn Jordan pass the marihuana"
"What the fuck"
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