Changing between 2 or 3 TV channels using the remote control without paying much attention to one program in specific.
When you are seeing a NASCAR race, a movie and a musical concert at the same time in your tv and your begging "ZAPPING" between them using the remote controller.
by JORSATAN November 26, 2008
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A hardcore sex position in which you thrust 600 volts in someones asshole.
"Yo babe you want fuck?"
"Nah lemme hit you with The Zap"
by Get away dad! February 27, 2019
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/zapped/: Verb: Noun: Adj.
One's state of mind after consuming copious amounts of alcoholic beverages.
- Dang, did y'all see Erika last night? She was absolutely Zapped!!!
- After work today, I'm going to go home and make me a bowl of Zaps!
by King of Zaps February 14, 2020
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1. exhausted

2. alcohol or drug intoxicated

3. killed(usually said of a character in a video game)
Damn, he just got zapped.
by Light Joker April 01, 2005
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tired, exhausted, worn-out, weary, bushed, drained
Man I'm zapped from the game
by Harry Houdini October 25, 2007
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a game were you write a time at the top of a persons hand and a name at on the palm if they look at their palm before the time at the top of their hand they will have to ask that person out other variations are hugging the person or kissing them this game is usually played by middle schoolers
my favorite game ever
"Hey, can I zap you."
"O hi i got zapped and I looked at my hand so... will u go out with me."
by mrs.niehous October 08, 2008
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shoes (Spanish: zapatos)
Sold in a zapateria /zap-uh-TEER-ee-uh/ (Spanish: zapatería)
Just lemme get my zaps and we'll go.
I never wear zaps in the house.
by zZigzZag November 05, 2005
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