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A failed spelling of the word 'your'.
Usually said when typing too fast.
How's yoru day been?
by OneWhoSpells March 18, 2011
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Yoru is the English alphabet spelling/pronunciation of the Japanese word 倜, and means Night in English.

(Yoru ni unette iru neko ga imashita.)
English Meaning: There was a cat wandering at night.
by Kuroi Yoru June 17, 2019
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a shugo chara (guardian character) from the anime/manga shugo chara! he is the character guardian of ikuto tsukiyomi. with ikuto he can chara nari (turning into black lynx or seven seas treasure) or chara change. in all cases ikuto gains cat ears, a cat tail, and has feline abilities. yoru has blue hair. cat ears and a tail. and is cute (like a kitten).
yoru: ikuto. im bored.
ikuto: *no answer*
yoru: is it ok to be skipping school again?
ikuto: sorry. could you go for me?
yoru: oh sure. textbook? ok. handkerchief? ok. afternoon snack (sardine)? ok.....wait. i think NOT!
ikuto: *laughs*
yoru: *smile*
by ayumu February 05, 2012
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