Anata wa AmerikaJin desu ka.
"are you an American person?"
by EmanEn May 16, 2006
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Darling in Japanese. Often used by loving wives to their husbands when they want something or question something. To be said in a coy tone.
Anata, where did you go last night?
by Fat Rabbit July 7, 2005
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It means you in Japanese (あなた) あなたの (anata no) means your
Anata wa Baka desu! You are a fool
Anata no tsukue desu ne? This is your desk right?
by *firesashotgunduringstealth* December 31, 2021
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It basically means "you are" in Japanese transliteration.
Japanese Transliteration: Anata wa baka desu.

English: You're an idiot.
by Destruction Pancakes December 11, 2007
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"you" in Japanese. Because of the familiarity of the word, this would only be used be people close to one-another, hence why anata could be synonymous with "dear"
Anata wa daikirai! -- I hate you (most of all)!
by E-phys Guy July 23, 2005
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Death Trails You
If like ur fighting and he curses you
Some sort of spirit will whisper
“Death Trails You (Shi wa anata toreiru)”
Urgh! How dare you curse me! Shi wa anata toreiru, walks away*
by ClashingGold Animz October 6, 2017
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'Watashi anata ga daisuki' means 'I really like you' in Japanese, it's usaully used by couples or teens confessing to thier crushes, but we can even say it to a friend or a family member.
There another way of say it which is 'Watashi anata ga aishiteru' but this one is only used when proposing or by husband and wife.
Girl: *to crush* W-watashi anata ga daisuki desu!
Crush: No, I've got a girlfriend.
by Fox01 July 21, 2018
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