Yooper is a common term for residents of the Upper Penisula of Michigan. It is derived from the initials U.P. which is pronounced you-pee. U.P. stands for Upper Peninsula, as opposed to the lower peninsula of Michigan.

It is not a derogortory term. It is used mainly by residents of lower Michigan and Wisconsin.
That person is a yooper from Escanaba, Michigan.

Yoopers make fun of Trolls. Trolls are from 'down below', referring to lower Michigan.
Yoopers come from above the bridge, referring to the Mackinac Bridge, which separates upper Michigan from lower Michigan.
Yoopers have a habit of saying 'youse guy's' or often putting 'eh' after a statement. ie; Hey,youse guys, we're proud to be yoopers, eh?.
by superyouper October 16, 2005
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Someone who lives, OR WAS BORN, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
I am a Yooper. originally from Escanaba,MI, who lives in the Chicago area
by Rajur Mattsen July 15, 2003
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found in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Usually get stereotyped as having an accent when in all actuality many don't. A common misconception, many get the accent confused with that of Minnesotans. Those Yoopers who do carry the "accent" are usually transplants from other states and start speaking this way because they think they should. They are also the most generous and nicest people you will ever meet.
Out of Stater: So you're a yooper, eh?
Yooper: I don't fucking talk like that, and yes I do originate from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
by arealyooper December 2, 2010
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A person originating from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is home to the only counties in the United States with a Finnish descent majority.

Yoopers can be really nice and friendly, depending on where you go in the UP. The more remote you get, however, the less friendly they will be. This is likely due to the fact that the more remote you get, the nicer the area is, and the more stringent people will be about keeping it that way.

Many of them don’t take kind to tourists for the above reasons. But just keep your trash in your pocket until you find a trash can, and nobody will sneer at you.

Many Yoopers take from Canada and their usage of the word “eh.” Yoopers also age like fine wine, but keep younger voices as they do so. There are 60-year-old Yoopers that sound similar to a 30-year-old.

They often rap on “trolls,” or people who are from downstate, the Lower Peninsula. The downstaters are called trolls because they live “below the Mackinac Bridge.”

Yoopers aren’t bothered by snow at all, and will continue with their daily lives as normal, even if they find six feet of snow dumped overnight in their yard, and often laugh at people who can’t do well in a foot of snow.
Normal person: Are you a Yooper?
Yooper: Yep, you betcha, eh?
by Archigan June 22, 2021
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Someone who lives in the UP of Michigan
I'm a Yooper and it sucks living here.
by Christy May 29, 2003
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a rare breed of inbreed from the upper pennensula of michigan
hi, i'm a yooper. do you know what a yooper is?
by lb March 19, 2005
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The Yooper is another term for the taint or bass. Area between your genitals and your ass. Commonly used by midwesterners, more specifically those who reside in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.
Man, my yooper is sweaty.

Dude, when she was licking my balls, her tongue touched my yooper!

by Slurpee May 18, 2007
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