Denonym that refers to people from the United States of America, more specifically citizens.
The people of the United States are both Staters and Americans, since the U.S. is a part of America.

Many languages have a distinct recognition between people from America and people from the United States; in English, the former are called Americans and the later are called Staters.
by ThatEnglishTeacher June 28, 2018
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Short for "stan hater" ; a person who hates on stans and stan culture.
by ChickenScrxtch82 February 9, 2021
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Slang for a State Patrol vehicle.
John: "Don't speed man, a stater is behind us!"
by RicerMiata January 1, 2017
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Can only say 1 word every second. Making it so speaking a sentence takes a while.
A person couldn’t speak a sentence out fast enough. Like, L-o-o-k- -a-n- -a-p-p-l-e-. He probably has stater
by ChocolateCakeYum January 15, 2022
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A person who states the obvious. So rather than let the subject on everyones mind go, he or she must "state it." Stating, the result of being a stater, is annoying. The stater doesnt really want to be the person to be quiet, rather the stater wants to point out the obvious hoping to get some attention.

Optimistically, it can be a friendly reminder for his or her friends. (see example)
Depending on the situation, a stater can either be a good or bad.
Originated from the word hater.
Malvchild: Yo man, your girl totally has a moustache.

Garry: Way to be a stater.
by malvchild July 1, 2010
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stater, its like a super/stalker fan, but a stalker/super hater
also a verb: a state
Tommy: I am A dream stater
toby: same lol
by KingOfJaz February 10, 2021
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A conspiracy theorist who dwells in the "under-state" or the unseen world of conspiracies and other political scandals. The understater makes claims about the government intervening in the people's lives and also in foreign affairs.
I didn't realize that Fred was an under-stater makes sense to me now!
by Mr. Robotron June 8, 2017
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