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A city in Michigan's Upper Penninsula, and home of the Upper Penninsula State Fair. The movie, "Escanaba in da moonlight" was filmed in Escanaba. The comedy starring Jeff Daniels makes fun of the U.P. woodsmen and their quest to bag a buck (deer) during hunting season. Escanaba is rooted in yooper talk and pasties (Pass-tees).
I've got to get to da Shopko don't ya know, eh. Holy Wha! Dey have da ice pops on sale for less dan a buck dare at dee Escanaba store! Stop by da pasty store and pick up some dinner, eh.
by Troll by Transplant August 16, 2009
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1. A city in Michigan's upper peninsula.

2. A (probably Michigan-specific) slang term for "penis". (To get an idea of why, look at a map of Michigan, find Escanaba, and consider the fact that yoopers give their locations "on the rabbit" just like the trolls give their location "on the mitten")
1. I went up north to Escanaba this weekend.

2. She sucked my Escanaba.
by Riddley November 10, 2004
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