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1. The Mackinac Bridge is a bridge that stretches five miles to unite Michigan's Lower Peninsula, & Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It connects the LP (Lower Peninsula) at Mackinaw City, and the UP (Upper Peninsula) at St. Ignace. It is the worlds longest "total suspension bridge."

2. It is also the only bridge (that I know of) that has a valued name to needy people (such as myself) that depend on food stamps monthly to help meet monthly food needs. Wherein the bridge's name has value to us, is that the State calls our past food stamps a "Bridge Card" now. So in more ways than you'd think this bridge is a link from hard times to better times.
EX: Todd wondered why it was called a "Bridge Card", so he asked the lady at the DHS window and she told him why. She said that it was named after the Mackinac Bridge.
by IrishDaddy2U April 17, 2010
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